The Future of Human(ity)

Nipissing University, July 22-24, 2016:
The Fedeli Business Centre (F210)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Time Activity
09.15 Registration and Coffee
10.00 Mike DeGagné (President, Nipissing University): Welcome
Councillor Sheldon Forgette (City of North Bay): Welcome
10.10 Skawennati: “My Life As An Avatar (xox remix)”
10.25 KEYNOTE: Adam Nash (RMIT University, Australia)
“Actual Fantasy, Modulation Chains, and Swarms of Thought-Controlled Babel Drones: Digital Ontology in the Posthuman Era”
11.30 Refreshments
11.50 Catherine Jenkins (Ryerson, Canada). “Human versus Cyborg Life: Quality versus Quantity”
12.10 Eric Weichel (Nipissing, Canada). “The Posthuman: Donna Haraway, Cyborgs, and Contemporary Art”
12.30 Andy Belyea (Royal Military College, Canada): “Self-Defence: Bodies at War in the Posthuman Era”
12.50 Discussion
1.05 Lunch
2.10 KEYNOTE: Peter Eckersall (CUNY Graduate Theatre, USA)
“Towards a Dramaturgy of Robots and Object Figures”
3.10 Refreshments
3.30 Leslie Thielen-Wilson (Nipissing, Canada): “Invitations to Equality? Law, De/Humanization, and Agency in a White Settler Context”
3.50 Paisley Cozzarin (University of Waterloo, Canada): “Cripping the Nonhuman: A Material Feminist Intervention in ‘Frankenfish’”
4.10 David R Witzling (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): "Exercises in Secular Heresy: Technological Determinism, Civil Liberties, and the Taboo of Diminishing Returns."
4.30 Discussion
5.30 Drinks
Exhibition Opening: The Future of Human(ity)
White Water Gallery: 122 Main St East P1B 8K6
7.30 Conference Dinner: Raven and Republic (upstairs)
246 First Ave West P1B 3C1

Saturday, July 23, 2016: The Fedeli Business Centre (F210)

Time Activity
9.00 Registration and Coffee
9.30 KEYNOTE: Fred Spier (University of Amsterdam, Holland)
“Wished futures and expected futures: a reflection on scenarios of the future of humanity from the point of view of big history”
10.40 Refreshments
11.00 Hilary Earl (Nipissing, Canada): "Reflections on Death Tourism in the Age of Experiential Education"
11.20 Gillian McCann (Nipissing, Canada): "Secular Pilgrimage: Making Meaning in Late Modernity"
11.40 Pavlina Radia (Nipissing, Canada): "From Gas Chambers to 9/11: The Ecstasy of Postmemory and Contemporary American Culture"
12.00 Discussion
12.15 Lunch
1.20 Eric Weichel (Nipissing, Canada): “Rehabilitating the “Universal Classic”: Dancing Bodies in Motion and Mutation”
1.40 Paul Monaghan (Nipissing, Canada): “A Stratigraphy of the Imagination: Greek Theatre, the Posthuman, and the Future”
2.00 Discussion
2.15 Refreshments
2.40 Madhuri Vairapandi (Georgetown University, USA): "Wuthering Heights and the Violence of Narcissistic Humanity: A map to guide the present into an ethical futurity".
3.00 “Christine Bolus-Reichert (University of Toronto-Scarborough, Canada): “The Shock Doctrine in Apocalyptic Fiction”
3.20 Laurie Kruk (Nipissing, Canada): “Guy Vandehaeghe and the Future of the Marginalized Canadian Male”
3.40 Discussion
4.00 Break
4.30 KEYNOTE: Keith Hipel (University of Waterloo, Canada)
“Technology and Policy Options for a Low-Emission Energy System in Canada”

Sunday, July 24, 2016: The Fedeli Business Centre (F210)

Time Activity
9.30 Registration and Coffee
10.00 Eli Park Sorensen (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China): “Blade Runner and the Right to Life”
10.20 Aaron Weiss (York University, Canada): “Interdisciplinarity as the future of academia, the arts, and sciences”
10.40 Timothy Sibbald (Nipissing, Canada): “Developing Secondary Teachers Who Engage in Interdisciplinary Thinking”
11.00 Discussion
11.15 Refreshments
11.35 Maggie Zeng (Nipissing, Canada): “Gender Mainstreaming in Peace and Security”
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12.15 Rebin Omar Mohammed Ameen (Hindu College, Delhi University, India): “Ruling Out Religious Intolerance: Jainism and Baha’i as Examples”
12.30 Discussion
12.45 Lunch
1.40 Anahit Armenakyan (Nipissing, Canada): “International Business Relationships”
2.00 Isaac Owusu Frimpong (Jilin University, China): “Migration Concerns in the 21st Century”
2.20 Hamza Ates (Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey): “The Future of Government: An Evaluation of Drivers of Change and Major Trends””
2.40 Discussion
3.00 Refreshments
3.15 Working Groups
4.15 Working Group Reports
4.45 Conference Closing
5.00 Farewell Drinks